Californian Bucks

Donnell's RC40

Hopper's H01 x Donnell's DD63

DeManche's 225

DeManche's SD125 x DeManche's SD248A

Bella Coniglio's 7AMD

DeManche's SD225 x DeManche's SD356

8/16/17 - Colorado State Fair - BOSB

Bella Coniglio's AD3

Donnell's RC40 x DeManche's SD611

Buck 5

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Buck 6

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Californian Does

Mersiovsky's M1399

Mersiovsky's M1306 x Schafer's LWD27

2/27/16 - TCRSC - BIS

Bella Coniglio's 6C7

Donnell's RC40 x Mersiovsky's M1399

Bella Coniglio's AD5

Donnell's RC40 x DeManche's SD611

DeManche's SD611

DeManche's SD209 x DeManche's SD242

DeManche's SD613

DeManche's SD 205 x DeManche's FCC3

Wycoff's ZD146

Wycoff's ZB96 x Wycoff's ZD52